Daisie, the New Creative Hub   In 1967, when Elton John – or Reg Dwight, as he was known back then, responded to an ad placed by Liberty Records in the popular publication New Musical Express, little did he know his life was about to change forever. Liberty was searching for new songwriters at the […]

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Know Your Buds

Know Your Buds Ask Google how to choose the best CBD oils and you immediately get 22,500 results. If you doubt that it is now a mainstream query, consider this:  one of the reviews is from the venerable Consumer Reports. Americans are not waiting for a blessing from the FDA on its anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. They […]

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2019 – In Living Coral

2019 – IN LIVING CORAL   Pantone Promotes “Living Coral” for 2019 Is it pink? Is it orange? Somewhere in between? Is it fishy (like salmon) or fruity (like papaya)? Image Number: 4220-20106967 The Pantone Color of the Year is Living Coral. (Pantone 16-1546, to be precise.) The Pantone Color Institute says this choice is […]

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What’s Blue and Green and Seen All Over?

What’s Blue and Green and Seen All Over? Joanna Gaines has become a major tastemaker thanks to Fixer Upper, a show that hit big on HGTV from 2013 to 2017. The show often featured the construction/design company she ran with her husband, Magnolia Homes. The Magnolia brand now extends to a store, lifestyle books and specialty […]

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Spilling Some Tea

Spilling Some Tea Food fads come and go but tea is a constant. Next to water, it is the most consumed beverage in the world. By 2021, it is projected to be a $44.3 billion market in the US alone. Whether you think of it as a liquid hug, a coffee substitute or a health […]

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Families Don’t Come from Central Casting

Families Don’t Come from Central Casting The All American Family has been recast according to Pew Research Center. Of course you would know this after a few hours of TV watching – if you don’t ignore commercials to grab a snack or take a bio break. Advertisers are producing more inclusive spots featuring the complexity and diversity […]

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