Celebrate Earth. Save The Planet.


She’s our mother and our home. We’ve only got one. This Earth Day, let’s not just celebrate our planet, let’s commit to saving it. To preserving biodiversity, clean air and water, wild spaces, pollinators and beneficials, and natural habitats. To limiting industrial agriculture, deforestation, and  pollution of the land, sea, and sky. To appreciating and protecting the delicate balances negotiated between all living things in the network of interdependencies we call Earth.


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Climate change is an unprecedented challenge for the human race that we’re only barely beginning to face head on. The changes our society, and our very way of life, will undergo to address this challenge will be profound; but the impact on our health, environment, and hopes for the future will be equally profound if we don’t make these changes now.


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We’re all in this together. We’ll all play a role, from the scientists, engineers, and politicians studying and solving problems, to creatives, marketers, and storytellers who weave the narratives that drive people to change. We all have to want the better, brighter future that sustainability represents.


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Our role, as a stock photo agency, is to help you stay inspired while you burn the creative candle at both ends day after day. This collection features images that help us imagine futures based on sustainability, regenerative agriculture, renewable energy, and other exciting possibilities becoming real in front of our eyes today.

SuperStock (and our royalty-free partner, have libraries full of clips and images that encourage the viewer to hope for greener, safer, cleaner futures. We’ve included a few examples in this post but there are many more to explore in the galleries linked below!

Watch the video above for inspiration and then check out the full galleries at

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