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The Color Blue

The Color Blue, From The Skies To The Seas


In a world covered in mostly water, under brilliant blue skies, we are surrounded by shades of gentle, calming blues.

From the seas to the skies, blue is a color that wraps the earth and soothes our souls. Embrace this royal color in a new collection at

Sometimes calming, sometimes melancholy…blue is an emotional color. Royal shades of blue flood the senses. Background of soft blues made Monet’s paintings memorable. Blue crowns the royal jay bird and bursts deliciously from the tastiest berries. Blue is the size of the ocean and is namesake to its most impressive specimen, the blue whale. 


Blue flowers, blue fish, the blue peacock -blue is everywhere on this great earth; overtaking green as the color that best describes our planet.

Blue can be as mysterious as the sea, or its heavenly ruler Neptune. It’s as plain as a cloudless sky and as versatile as water.

Blue evokes emotions as deep as its shades. 

Few colors are as psychologically beneficial to humans, or as common to experience. Blue is a big part of what it is to be human…



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