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Treasures in the Superstock Collection-Sir Edmund Hillary

The Hillary smile is now is now as famous as the exploit that placed it on the front pages of the World's Press. Sometimes we have to stop and reflect on the images that we represent. I know we all think of licensing for our current needs but what about historical context or artistic merit? I really think our collection is kind of amazing when you 

get into the depth and breath of it that warrants just going down the rabbit hole once in a while and looking for topic that interest you. Recently there was a New Zealand-based online-only auction chronicling the extraordinary life of Sir Edmund Hillary. The sale included vintage photographs of his record-setting ascent to the top of Mount Everest in 1953, his harrowing expedition to the Barun Valley in 1954, his Antarctic adventures of the late 1950s and his search for the mythical Yeti in the early 1960s. It also includes photographs of Hillary receiving the Hubbard Medal from President Eisenhower in 1954, his visit to the UN headquarters in the same year and his later humanitarian work in the Himalayas.

British Everest 1953 Expedition

These incredible photographs come from the archives of Fairfax’s New Zealand newspapers. Many of the images have been widely published in newspapers around the world. This was the first time that they have been made available for sale as prints. The auction started Tuesday 25 August. The link below has the results from the auction.

The Fairfax archives: Edmund Hillary’s Auction


Mount Everest Expedition 1938. July 28, 1938.


The amazing part of all of this is that we represent a lot of these images for licensing. Check these out and remember them when you are looking for images that represent adventure, accomplishment and determination.

British Everest 1953 Expedition --  Bourdillon and Evans on the approach to the South Col, during their attempt to climb to the summit of Everest of May 26


I am trying to channel my thoughts back to what it must have been like in 1953 to mount an expedition like his without the high tech gear that we have today. What do you think?

Hillary and Tensing, resting on the South Col on their descent

British Everest 1953 Expedition. R.C. Evans wearing closed circuit oxygen equipment and T.D. Bourdillon wearing open circuit apparatus, climbing the South West Ridge of Amadablam

British Everest 1953 Expedition. A member crossing a crevasse with the aid of one of the special light ladders used by the Expedition.


Stewart Cohen
I am a director/photographer who strives to capture the spirit of the moment from the perspective of the viewer so the end result is genuine.

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