Ready for my (extreme) close-up- A lesson in Macro Photography

William Blake challenged us to see the world in a grain of sand.

Some very talented photographers show us very small subjects can make a big impact. Macrophotography is generally defined as extreme close-up photography. It reveals the delicate details the naked eye misses.

1815R-13050027 MACRO PHOTOGRAPHYImage Number: 1815R-13050027

SS eyeImage Number: 1598R-11610449

4220-20074213 nature photographyImage Number: 4220-20074213

Understandably, nature photography is often macrophotography in which the photographer takes us up close and personal with the birds and the bees. Insects and flowers are among the most popular subjects.  Anything with a texture, from tree bark to a honeycomb, comes into sharp relief. A macro-view can also reveal a thing’s underlying structure.

1815R-11095745Image Number: 1815R-11095745

Image Number: 4279-32475 insect photographyImage Number: 4279-32475

4411-21094730Image Number: 4411-21094730

Food photographers also add drama with extreme close-ups, not just of fruits and vegetables, but shimmering liquids, droplets and bubbles. (Yes, there are experts who specialize in beverage “splash and pour.”)

Image Number: 4278-4696 food photographyImage Number: 4278-4696

1773-202018 macro photography bubblesImage Number: 1773-202018

1773-57938 beverage photography macroImage Number: 1773-57938

Can’t get enough close-up action? Click below to view our macro photography gallery!



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