Trend spotting a postcard-perfect location

Maybe you’ve admired Kilimanjaro from the Maasai Steppe, dined at an underwater restaurant in the Maldives and communed with the pink river dolphins of Peru. What’s next? Can you spot the next trendy vacation destinations based on these photos?

Hint: This cluster of volcanic islands is not Hawaii. Its coral is teaming with rays, sharks and sea turtles, but it’s not the Great Barrier Reef. They celebrate Carnaval but it’s not Rio. Where is this?
Image Number: 1566-14879966
Image Number: 1792-14091755
Image Number: 1815R-110687 
Pack your snorkel and swimsuit and make your way to forest-fringed lakes and the warm waters of Azores, Portugal.
Hint: Thermal spas draw tourists, but this is not Iceland’s Blue Lagoon. There is an international film festival here, but it is not Cannes. There is a spectacular botanical garden of succulents and cacti, but it is not Malaga, Spain. Where is this?
Untitled design (51)
Image Number: 1848-11249019
Untitled design (52)
Image Number: 1558-13556091

Untitled design (50)Image Number: 1566-13138055

Sidestep the glitz of Capri in favor of Ischia, the largest island in the Bay of Naples.
Hint: It is home to Baroque palaces and gardens, but it is not Venice. It was colonized by the French and ruled by the British, but it is not Montreal. Game of Thrones filmed here, but it’s not Croatia. Where is this?
Untitled design (19)
Image Number: 1566-13011437
Untitled design (13) (1)Image Number: 1773R-13170231
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Image Number: 4128R-13191541
Small is beautiful – and packed with both natural wonders and historical treasures – in Valetta, Malta.

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