Different Perspectives

What happens when we see the familiar from a different perspective? We put ourselves in a position for creative solutions to come to us—ingenuity, cleverness, inventiveness. And in business, it is the innovators and disruptors that zig when everyone zags. 
We illustrate this perception in our marketing and advertising messaging by using images that make us think this company, this product, this person is different. Suppose the idea around your campaign implies ingenuity because your position is to see the world from a different viewpoint than your competitors. In that case, your audience might believe you are, in fact, the real deal. 
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Looking at something differently is about being open to discovering new things. It encourages you to take some ownership of how you see things to be. When we are curious and find new answers to our questions, it’s exciting to discover something new! 
Challenging our senses and how we perceive things to be is how we learn. If we were to always stay at the same distance from what we are looking at, we would never know what we are missing. 
What you see not only depends on what you are looking at but also where you are looking from. Let’s face it. Seeing from another person’s perspective helps us understand things better and hopefully opens us to more understanding and tolerance as a community. Sometimes things appear to be big, but at a second glance from a slightly different viewpoint, it is actually something minor.
When we step into other people’s shoes, we see things from their side. Having a willingness to experience something different gives us a new perspective. Curiosity is what makes us keep moving forward. It pushes us to open new doors and do new things. It is curiosity that keeps us looking for a different path. 
Perspective is how we see the world, our reality. So being flexible about our position opens us up to understand things better. But, on the other hand, when things feel they are getting a little too comfortable, too anticipated… maybe that’s a sign it’s time to move into a different spot and change things up.
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