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Less than 100 years old, most of our homes didn’t even have electricity. Today we live in houses that can adjust the thermostat when they sense we are on our way home, order milk because we are almost out, and help us see who’s ringing our doorbell when we aren’t even home.  

The future is here. And at Superstock, we know it’s these small details, props, and settings within our content that make your messaging even more relevant to today’s audience. 

One of the driving forces behind creating a smart home is the potential to save energy and money. When your house can be automatically controlled remotely from anywhere with an internet connection using a mobile or other networked device, you can be more proficient at heating and cooling your house. The result is a reduced electric bill and a greener way of living. 

1815-18350935Our smart homes and appliances make our household tasks more manageable through voice commands, mobile apps, automation, and AI. By definition, a smart home is a residence equipped with many devices that automate tasks usually handled by humans. As a result, smart homes make our lives easier and make us feel more secure. 

The smart home appliances market is projected to be worth USD 57.64 billion by 2025. The Internet of Things has been growing across smart home applications. It is expected to become more customizable, giving more control to users and enhancing the appliance operating functions. 


We are starting to see fridge labels, tracking food applications, and remote monitoring stovetops in the kitchen segment. In addition, we will soon see smart microwaves scanning barcodes on food items and downloading cooking instructions with seamless integration. Add in an AI voice assistants program, and cooking will become a hands-free experience. 

Technology has reinvented how we as humans operate around our homes. New smart home inventions have made our lives way more manageable than we could have ever imagined. Many homeowners are favoring smart home tech more because it can save them money with their insurance. The added layer of security you invest in can show insurance companies that you are prioritizing home safety. 


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