Light and Dark

Chiaroscuro is a style of art centered around contrasting light and dark.


Chiaroscuro, (from Italian chiaro, “light,” and scuro, “dark”), is a technique used to represent light and shadow to add definition to three-dimensional objects.Popularized by da Vinci and others, chiaroscuro made its historical debut in the late 15th century but evolved to feature more and more dramatic contrasts between light and shadow through the 17th century by artists like Rembrandt. 


Originally applied to wood cut prints, paintings, or illustrations, chiaroscuro theory has crept into essentially all forms of modern visual art; including photography and film. Since these formats already convey three dimensional space, the technique is more used to exaggerate the subject, focus the eye, and add a touch of the dramatic.


In chiaroscuro, what’s dark becomes the background and what’s lit enough to be visible is striking; a sharp contrast that generates powerful visuals and compelling pictures. 



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