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Spilling Some Tea

Food fads come and go but tea is a constant. Next to water, it is the most consumed beverage in the world. By 2021, it is projected to be a $44.3 billion market in the US alone. Whether you think of it as a liquid hug, a coffee substitute or a health food, there is probably more you can learn about this ancient elixir in its 1500+ varieties.

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Which is the oldest tea company?

  1. Lipton
  2. Tetley
  3. Twinings
  4. Luzianne

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Which country is considered the birthplace of tea? 

  1. China
  2. Sri Lanka
  3. Japan
  4. India


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Which is not one of the five main types of tea?

  1. White
  2. Green
  3. Black
  4. Oolong
  5. Pu’erh
  6. Camellia

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What type of tea undergoes the least processing?

  1. Pu’erh
  2. Green
  3. White
  4. Oolong

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What tea is not oolong?

  1. Baozhong
  2. Matcha
  3. Dong Ding
  4. Da Hong Pao 

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Tea is a favorite with famous and fictional characters … All except:

  1. Amy Winehouse
  2. James Bond
  3. Elvis
  4. Jimi Hendrix

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The first tea bags were produced in what year?

  1. 1789
  2. 1890
  3. 1904
  4. 1925

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Based on sales, the most popular tea in the U.S. is: 

  1. Herbal
  2. Green
  3. Fruit
  4. Oolong

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Earl Grey tea is flavored with 

  1. Anise
  2. Fennel
  3. Ginger
  4. Oil of Bergamot

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Which of these celebrities has NOT been part of a tea brand? 

  1. Oprah
  2. Donald Trump
  3. Lady GaGa
  4. Martha Stewart

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1 – c; 2-a; 3-f; 4-c; 5-b; 6-b; 7-c; 8-b; 9-d; 10-c

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