The Force of Nature

Heat waves, heavy downpours, arctic blasts, hurricanes… the weather can range from giving us a slight headache to creating an epic disaster in our lives. Not only can our weather be an extreme inconvenience, but this kind of weather also comes with an economic impact, causing us billions of dollars.
Whether you live on the coastline, in the flatlands, on top of a mountain, or in a place with generally beautiful weather, no one is spared the wrath of Mother Nature.
Superstock is a full-service content library. So we know our image requests coming in can be as diverse as our clients. And suppose you are a client related to industries involving insurance, banking, housing, outdoor clothing, transportation, energy (to name a few). In that case, we’re hoping this week’s theme of Impactful Weather will strike a chord with you.
Though a swift kick from Mother Nature can be devastating to many, the photos are often quite breathtaking. Images of brewing storm clouds are some of the most awe-inspiring images. And if you are looking for content that illustrates the concept of danger in the inconceivable future, a fierce weather shot could be perfect for your marketing project.
Symbolically, lighting, Gail force winds, the Earth starting to shake – can also be associated with divinity. The lead-up to a stroke of genius almost always involves lighting. When we think of something out of this world, we build a stormy atmosphere to let our audience know something huge is coming. Not all clients have a literal need. Sometimes, the most creative campaigns involve something attention-grabbing and conceptual.
Of course, the topic of climate change is at the top of everyone’s minds these days and how it is expected to worsen the frequency, intensity, and impacts of extreme weather events. As we witness sea levels rise and the warming of the planet, these influences can significantly change air movement, air chemistry, light, heat – eventually shifting our global weather patterns. Superstock’s collection of photojournalistic weather is authentic content taken by our photographers out in the field, witnessing the events.
Understanding our environment is essential to so many organizations and companies out there too. Their goal is to provide their customers with products and services that better prepare us for the weather and perhaps even lessen the damage it can cause. Thus, there is a symbiotic relationship between climate and life. For centuries, we have seen the Earth’s climatic history change and dramatically shift ecosystems, shaping how and where we live. Positioning your business to find a balance between life and climate is indeed the goal.
Photographer-owned and operated, SUPERSTOCK is passionate about photographic images and is dedicated to providing the newest and most compelling content to clients in publishing, advertising and design. With an expanding collection of over 12 million photographs and illustrations and video clips SuperStock is an international leader in the licensing of imagery.

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