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Hygge Whispers a Promise of Comfort

Awareness of hygge started as a soft whisper in 2015. 


By 2016, the world took the Danish concept of deep comfort and contentment in simple moments and hugged it to its heart. Hygge how-to books hit the bestseller lists and Pinterest boards filled up with ahh-some images of steaming mugs of cocoa, slippers, napping kittens, and couples by the fire, cocooned in blankets.


Hygge became part of a global consumer trend. Advertisers started weaving comforting tableaus and all the coziest sensory triggers into brand identities. We began to see “hygge” furniture, artisanal foods, irresistibly soft sweaters and socks, and naturally ….pillows and candles. 


Hygge is effortless, simple pleasure. A satisfied state of mind. Perhaps the only uncomfortable thing about hygee is how to pronounce the word. (There are at least three preferred options.) Don’t stress … Just let hygge snuggle into your consciousness and way of life. 


Still not quite sure of the definition?  Maybe the most appropriate expression of hygge is a big, fluffy word cloud:

            Comfort   Simplicity   Security    Homegrown   Nesting   Cozy

            Comfy    Mellow    Savor   Present   Relaxed   Familiar   Soft

            Glow   Satisfaction    Peaceful    Cuddly    Peaceful    Contented

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Tom Sheeter
Tom Sheeter is a Los Angeles based writer and Account Manager at Superstock. He specializes in film and tv licensing and clearance issues.

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