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The 2018 Color of the Year is revealed…


Fashion Photography Woman Under Water in Ultra Violet Sequin

From the wilds of New Jersey, they converge in secret, on a European capitol. The chosen ones descend to an underground bunker. For two days, they sit, silent and fasting, staring into black mirrors. Finally, the oracle rewards their dedication with a whisper:  Marsala. Serenity. Or, more recently: PMS 18-3838.

The Color of the Year for 2018 is revealed: 

Ultra Violet.

Ok, that may not be precisely how Pantone Color Institute dictates the Color of the Year. However, it is not a strictly scientific process either. Basically, a committee of 20 psychologists and designers jets around to major cities, looking at stuff. They check out fashion on the street and tints and tones in art exhibits.

The color scouts also share notes about the ambient mood of the people around them. Are we hopeful? Stressed?  Nostalgic for our past or looking to our future?

Pantone, the Institute’s home company, is a global authority on color. Since 2000, their yearly announcement has influenced the influencers in fashion, fashion photography, home décor, and cosmetics. It even inspires packaging, plastics, and coatings. Pantone sells reports on their “color thought leadership” through their website.

In this year’s announcement, Pantone describes the blue-based purple Ultra Violet as a color that reflects intuition, nonconformity, imagination, and mysticism. The last purple chosen was 2014’s Radiant Orchid; so apparently, we are four years between creative vibes.

Travel Stock Image of sail boats in Ultra Violet

So put away your Greenery – so 2017. We have moved on from the impulse it represented to reconnect with nature, restore, and renew.

You are forgiven if you thought last year’s color was Millennial Pink, which obviously had a great press agent, possibly the same one used by kale. Pantone saves face by pointing out that Rose Quartz was one of their color picks for 2016, so they did not miss that we were thinking pink, it simply took manufacturers a year to catch up to the zeitgeist.

It is time to get cosmic. Plump up your meditation cushion and crank up Prince. Purple reigns.

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