Digitizing Services

Digitization of all materials.

Film, Prints, Art Work, Books, Objects

Highest quality at high speed.

150 megapixel, 16 bit captures.

Raw file available.

Film and Glass

Highest resolution files possible.

Original sizes up to 8×10 inches.

Ultimate Safety. No scanner mounting, fluids or moving parts.

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Print and Art

Glass does not need to be removed.

Cradle for bound material.

Up to 20×24 with no set up fee.

In studio or on location.

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Digital imaging for objects.

Flat or 3 dimensional pieces.

Extremely high resolution for astonishing detail.

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Single frame
and sheet film
1-19 $22.00
20-99 $19.00
100-1999 $14.00
2000-4999 $9.00
5000+ $7.00
and Film Strips
per frame
1-19 $3.90
20-99 $3.20
100-1999 $2.80
2000-4999 $2.30
5000+ $1.90
Flat art
and prints

Up to 20″ x 24″

1-19 $22.00
20-99 $19.00
100+ $14.00

Over 20″ x 24″

per piece $36.00
project set up fee $125.00
Metadata and Keywording with digitizing
per piece $1.25

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